The Photographer

For as long as I can remember, photography has been a great love and source of enjoyment for me.   I have always been fascinated with the art and science of photography!

 I was born and raised as a native East Texan.  Being raised in the rural areas of East Texas I found a great love in the beauty of nature and special moments that are shared between family and friends.   Because of that beginning, I love the challenge of trying to capture diverse and unique shots that are apart from the norm, to memorable moments anywhere from the spectacular to everyday life.  I personally believe there is that “great” image for preservation in nearly every aspect of our lives.  From nature, landscape, people or places I love capturing the “exceptional” pictures of many varied subjects. Whether I am working with you, or on a photo trip of my own, I am very comfortable and at home with a camera in my hand.


I am very laid back and easy going, and this personality assures you a fun and exciting time in front of my camera.  It is my personal goal to capture for you that special moment in time, or that “look” that you will be able to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.  I believe that if my pictures bring a smile, a warm feeling, a moment of awe, inspiration, or perhaps bring a tear to an eye, then I feel I have captured something truly special.  I feel that when it all comes together for you and those emotions are had, my personal goal and mission have been accomplished.   This is my greatest pleasure, to provide to you a memory of a lifetime.

I have been and am involved in quite a few endeavors that I enjoy, but photography is one of my greatest passions. I embrace and pursue that passion with great gusto.  I am very much looking forward to all my current, and up and coming projects.

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